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Irish jobs dry spell creates opportunity for career growth

4 Nov 2016

As the Irish jobs market enjoys a relatively light week, we take a look at how companies and employees can self-improve and self-develop.

This week was very nearly a dry spell for Irish jobs. Coming in just under the wire, however, was the announcement of 215 jobs spread across nine companies.

In further good news, cybersecurity firm Integrity360 is looking for 150 people over the next two years.

But everything is relative and, somehow, 365 jobs – yes, one for every day of the year – is still a relatively light week. So, since the jobs market is far from hopping, let’s use this downtime for a little more career and workforce development.

In the grand tradition of Maria von Trapp (spoilers), we’ll start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.

When trying to develop a STEM career, it’s best to start as early as possible. That’s why the Dublin chapter of the Professional Women’s Network and Hays teamed up to host College & Beyond, an event aimed at encouraging fourth, fifth and sixth-year girls to pursue careers in STEM.

Featuring speakers and panelists representing each of the four pillars of STEM, the event was designed to demystify the sector and position it as a viable career destination.

Moving up the ladder, this week also saw us taking a look at internships.

There’s a perception that internships are just a way of marking time, with interns either making coffee or working on inconsequential projects. AOL takes a different approach, and we heard all about it from intern Conor Thompson.

And then, of course, there are those who are just starting out in the sector and want to develop their personal brand to become more attractive to employers.

We heard from Gillian Chamberlain, GM of commercial and marketing at BT Ireland, who offered advice for those interested in a career in marketing.

We also found the top skills that anyone interested in a career in software should have in their arsenal.

But it’s not all about personal career development. Candidates aren’t the only people who need to switch things up – recruiters also have some work to do.

We looked at the unusual methods some recruiters are using to find top talent, from Dyson and Google to L’Oréal and Heineken, and offered advice on how employers can shake things up.

We also delved into what companies can do to attract top talent in the first place because, as we all know, it’s not enough just to like someone. They have to like you back.

And finally, we stepped away from development for a moment to take a look at why none of this matters at all: we’re all going to be replaced by robots. Thanks, Irish Government.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. Hundreds of sci-tech jobs announced across 9 companies in Ireland

It’s a jobs bonanza in Ireland this November, as IDA Ireland announces 215 jobs across nine Irish-based companies, including 35 from the IoT start-up Smartfrog.

2. Cybersecurity player Integrity360 to create 150 jobs in Dublin

Integrity360 will hire 50 people this year, and a further 100 people next year, to bolster its international expansion.

3. College & Beyond event helps young women develop STEM careers

It’s no secret that there’s a massive talent gap in the STEM sector. There are numerous ways we can close that gap, but one way may be simpler than others: encourage women to pursue STEM careers.

4. An AOL internship: More than just coffee and hackathons

There’s a perception that internships offer little more than a crash course in coffee-making and coffee delivery. Some, however, go quite a bit further.

5. Thinking about a career in marketing? An analytical mind is helpful

If you want to work in the ever-expanding world of tech, but you still love customer service, marketing for a leading tech company is one way to do it.

6. Want a career in software? These are the most important skills

JavaScript is the most popular skill for the IT sector, according to Stack Overflow, featuring in almost 30pc of jobs in IT and software development.

7. How unusual recruitment methods attract better candidates

From brain teasers to secret searches, companies are utilising unconventional methods to recruit the best talent. These methods are more than just a gimmick.

8. How do top companies attract top talent?

Work-life balance is changing. Our jobs are following us home and there’s a higher demand for a happy work environment. But what do companies need to do to provide the perfect work life?

9. Government predicts 9pc of jobs under threat from AI

The Irish Government has released a report into what it sees as looming threats to the State, including the belief that one in 10 jobs are at risk from computer automation.

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