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As level of unemployment falls in Ireland, look to career development

3 Mar 2017

Are you currently keeping an eye out for new jobs? We might be able to help you find one, and land one.

Here at, we love to help people get the jobs of their dreams. This week was no different.

We started out by offering some tips on what not to do during the job search. We also looked at how to craft the perfect LinkedIn summary so that, whether you’re actively job seeking or just hoping to be recruited, you’ll be covered.

In the face of a widening talent chasm, we delved into alternative ways to close that gap, including upskilling current talent for new jobs.

Coincidentally, this week saw Career Zoo announcing some tech workshops – targeting those already knowledgeable in tech – that will be run at the company’s upcoming event on 11 March.

We also helped people behind the scenes, showing employers what they can be doing to ensure their employees are able to switch off from work at the end of the day.

Of course, some people don’t need to worry about things like that anymore. We’ve talked before about how high salaries can be a prison. This week, we learned that they can also set you free.

If you’re not quite at that stratospheric level of income yet, there are of course other reasons you might like to leave your job – it’s likely, though, that you’d need another one to go to.

Well, you’re in luck (if you’re in Ireland, at least). This week, the Central Statistics Office revealed that unemployment has hit a nine-year low here.

That, quite logically, has a lot to do with the continued raft of jobs announcements that pour out every week, such as this week’s 150 jobs at Mobile Technologies Inc or the 50 apprenticeships rolling out from Eir.

Finally, if you’re looking for a little more guidance around where to apply to, or what job to pursue, this week saw us speaking to three people working in the Irish sci-tech space, giving us insight into cancer research, working with enterprise product and switching careers late in life.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

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7. CSO reveals unemployment in Ireland has hit a nine-year low

New figures show that the numbers of workers classified as unemployed now stands at 145,100, down 36,200 on last year.

8. What is it like to work at the cutting edge of cancer research?

Scientific research is the driving force behind humankind’s advancement, but how much do any of us actually know about it, or its nuances?

9. On the Vodafone enterprise product team, no two days are the same

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

Kirsty Tobin served as careers editor of Silicon Republic from 2015 up to August 2017. When she was younger, she had a dream where she started and won a fight with a T-Rex, so she’s pretty sure she kicked butt at this, too. Passions include eating all the cake, watching more TV than is healthy and sassy comebacks.

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