New LinkedIn feature lets you secretly say you are looking for jobs
Tell the internet you are open to being recruited without the boss knowing. Image: mirtmirt/Shutterstock

New LinkedIn feature puts you in jobs market without the boss knowing

6 Oct 2016

A new feature from LinkedIn makes it easy for users of the social network to secretly tell recruiters they are open to being hired.

LinkedIn today (6 October) launched new additions to its Talent Solutions portfolio, including Open Candidates, Apply Starters and the next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages.

Through Open Candidates, LinkedIn is making it easy for members to privately raise their hand and say ‘I’m open to being recruited’ for the first time ever.

Jobseekers will be able to show that they are open for business in a way that is only viewable to recruiters.

It won’t, however, broadcast this to recruiters at their current employer.

Only recruiters will know you are looking

How LinkedIn will guarantee this raises lots of questions, but it seems algorithms are at play.

Using the service, recruiters can quickly zero in on prospects that are twice as likely to respond to outreach.

LinkedIn says the feature also helps recruiters to learn interests upfront and quickly rule out candidates who aren’t a fit.

LinkedIn’s research shows that candidates who start applying for jobs but don’t finish the process can be as high as 74pc.

LinkedIn. Image: mirtmirt/Shutterstock

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