Millennials, creatures of new working habits (infographic)

19 Dec 2014

Work habits have changed dramatically in recent years, with the tech industry surely playing a prominent role in driving the way we do business.

Where in years past, work was structured by suits, desks and 9-5 hours, now there’s scope for satellite working, flexi-hours and consistent double-jobbing.

An entire generation of workers have grown up now in a freer environment, demanding that their work is on their terms, regardless of the fact that it may mean dedicating far more time to their profession.

This infographic, created a couple of months ago by Gryffin, highlights the five new breeds of workers. There’s the homebody, preferring the comfort of their own environment to get their work done. Then the night owl, who laughs in the face of 9-5 requests.

There’s also hobby-lobbyist, crafting his or her own little side business throughout the working day. There’s the nomad, far more relevant in tech then anywhere else. Always carrying itchy feet, these are hard staff to keep a hold of.

Finally there’s the multi-tasker, surely now a part of us all. The rise of internet capabilities, hardware improvements and software ingenuity means we’re never far from our virtual office. We never switch off, it seems.

Mother multitasking while working from home image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

Gordon Hunt joined Silicon Republic in October 2014 as a journalist. He spends most of his time avoiding conversations about music, appreciating even the least creative pun and rueing the day he panicked when meeting Paul McGrath. His favourite thing on the internet is the ‘Random Article’ link on Wikipedia.

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