More than one-quarter of companies to grow staff in 2014 – survey
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More than one-quarter of companies to grow staff in 2014 – survey

9 Oct 2013

Ibec’s autumn 2013 HR survey reveals that over one-quarter of companies are planning to hire in the coming year, though almost the same amount are expecting a skills shortage.

The survey of 432 senior HR contacts in Ibec member organisations was conducted in September 2013, and 27pc of those surveyed said they expect their staff numbers to rise in 2014, while a further 50pc expect to recruit permanent or temporary staff within the next six months.

Finding the right candidates to fill these roles may prove challenging, though, as 24pc of those surveyed are expecting a skills shortage in 2014, particularly in the IT, software, engineering and technical areas.

“Keeping costs under control is essential if we are to create new jobs,” said Ibec CEO Danny McCoy. “At the height of the boom many costs, including wages, spiralled out of control. We can’t allow this to happen again. Many companies remain in survival mode and pay expectations need to reflect economic realities.

Budget concerns

McCoy’s comments come ahead of the Government’s Budget 2014, which will be revealed on Tuesday 15 October. “It is vital that the Budget doesn’t set back the jobs recovery by taking more money from consumers or increasing employment costs. The reduced VAT level for the hospitality sector and the introduction of a lower employer PRSI rate for low-wage workers has worked and should be retained.”

The Ibec survey also highlights an increased focus on innovation as a way to improve company performance with 80pc of respondents saying that initiatives were in place to encourage innovation.

The results of the survey have been publised ahead of the HR Leadership Summit taking place in the Convention Centre Dublin on 10 October.

Recruitment image by Jirsak via Shutterstock

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