New ECDL programme launched in London
ECDL Foundation CEO Damien O'Sullivan (left) and chair Jim Friars speaking at the launch of the new ECDL programme in London. Photo by Paul Smith Photography

New ECDL programme launched in London

16 May 2013

The annual forum of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Foundation in London marked the launch today of a revised ECDL programme to offer a wider range of models and, overall, make the programme more flexible and suitable to lifelong learning.

The ECDL programme was established in 1996 to promote computer literacy. Since then, more than 13m people in more than 100 countries have received ECDL certification and, today, a major revision of the programme was launched to reflect new technology and labour market requirements.

Changes include the introduction of ECDL Profile, which allows candidates to build a profile of modules to suit them. This profile can be built up over time as candidates discover new skills they might want to add to their repertoire.

A range of 15 modules is now available, including Online Collaboration and IT Security.

“The programme has evolved many times since it began in 1996, and I believe it continues to stay true to its intended and original purpose: to provide skills for work, and skills that work,” commented Jim Friars, chair of the ECDL Foundation.

ICS Skills, the national licensee of ECDL in Ireland, welcomed the launch of the new programme, which will be available to all schools from September 2013.

The new ECDL programme will rolled out across 55 countries over the coming months.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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