Oracle steams ahead with hiring campaign

13 Oct 2011

Oracle has more than 220 open positions at its Dublin operations, covering a range of markets and product categories, as part of a hiring campaign that will see the tech giant create 1,700 jobs across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

According to Oracle Ireland country manager Paul O’Riordan, many of the new positions are sales roles, pitching customers with a broader portfolio that now encompasses the company’s traditional stronghold of databases, through to business applications and also to server hardware following a major acquisition spree that included the capture of Sun.

The new hires will range from entry-level to senior director positions and Oracle has set up a talent academy at its Dublin site, acting as one of the European training hubs. This will see people being recruited or trained extensively in Ireland and then either working in Ireland to serve overseas markets, or in certain cases returned to their home markets following the training period.

“We have built up the plan in the last 18 months and we have linked up with the DIT for a collaborative certificate and diploma,” said O’Riordan.

However, he warned that the technology sector can be mistakenly perceived as narrow or exclusive and this could be preventing people with other skills from considering a career with an IT company.

“The technology industry needs financial people, needs technical people, sales people and marketing people. We’ve got to be very clear that we don’t look exclusively for Java developers – this is an industry that has something for everyone,” O’Riordan told

“One frustration I have is we’ve associated the technology industry with deeply technical people. We’re looking for people with a broad range of skills, with communication skills, people who can work in teams and collaborate. We’re looking for well-rounded people.”

O’Riordan said Oracle was not looking for the finished article, but would take graduates or people already in the workforce, and would retrain them. “It’s a very Jesuitical approach: give us the boy and we’ll give you the man.”

Gordon Smith
By Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith was a contributor to Silicon Republic.

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