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Coaching company Own The Room launches virtual training sessions

12 Jun 2020

Would you be interested in practising your presentation skills from home in front of a virtual audience? Own The Room has launched a new app to help people train virtually.

New Jersey-based learning and development company Own The Room has kicked off a new virtual training series. The training involves live, interactive sessions combined with additional learning through the company’s newly launched AI-driven app, LifeHikes.

Own The Room was founded in 2011 and today has bases in the US, London, Ljubljana, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Dublin. The company has more than 200 partner companies across 46 countries and seven languages, working with companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Tesla and NBC Universal.

LifeHikes will offer participants a “robust library of practice prompts” to work on between virtual sessions, the company said, as well as visual reports, video playback and personalised feedback.

Through the app’s built-in virtual reality feature, participants can practise delivering presentations to a ‘realistic’ audience in a conference room or interview setting.

Companies that enrol in the training can pair the mobile app with lessons to access actionable metrics and track progress during and after the sessions.

The ultimate aim, the company said, is to encourage lifelong learning rather than a one-and-done approach.

Lessons are skills-based and are led by certified coaches who, according to Own The Room, “have helped thousands of professionals advance their communication and presentation skills”.

Own The Room founder and coach Bill Hoogterp said: “At Own The Room, we want to train the world and give everyone the tools to unleash their potential.”

“In a time when it is more important than ever to listen and speak out, our virtual offerings with human-centred technology empower everyone to find their voice and have as much impact as possible.”

To learn more or enrol in an Own The Room programme, check out the company’s website.

Earlier this week, Hays’ Micki Frankland wrote about the benefits and challenges of virtual training. “While I don’t expect face-to-face training to be replaced in its entirety, remote training is going to play a huge part going forward, especially now we’ve proven we can do it and that it is practical,” she said.

Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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