Job opportunities are on the rise
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From pharma to Facebook: Job opportunities on the rise

5 May 2017

For jobseekers, the jobs are definitely out there. For recruiters looking for top talent, the tools are there, too.

There may not have been many job announcements this week, but, with Facebook adding 3,000 people to its community operations team, it proved to be a very good week for those looking for job opportunities.

More than half of those jobs will be based in Dublin and, with news emerging that US firms in Ireland pay almost twice the average wage, they could represent the perfect opportunity.

But it’s not just Facebook that’s providing jobs. Last weekend, NIBRT hosted its Careers in Biopharma event, featuring some of the top employers from the biotech and pharma industry.

With 8,400 jobs expected to be added to the sector by 2020, it’s no wonder students, graduates and jobseekers flocked to the event to find out more about an exciting career in pharma.

For those whose career interests skew in this direction, a degree in biomedical engineering might be worth considering as the CAO change-of-mind facility opens to Leaving Certificate students today (5 May).

Now that there are so many fruitful opportunities for jobseekers, what of the recruitment professionals looking to find the talented needle in the giant haystacks?

With pushes for diversity, intense competition for top talent and myriad problems stemming from unconscious bias, recruitment can be a minefield, but fear not! Several start-ups have heard your cries for help and have developed innovative tools that will ensure you find a diverse, talented workforce that will fit well with your company’s culture.

Those looking to apply for a job would be forgiven for thinking the most important thing to work on is hard, technical skills, especially when going for a job in tech. However, recent research shows that soft skills such as communication and critical thinking are superior when it comes to job success.

Finally, if pharma isn’t for you, and you don’t fancy Facebook either, perhaps digital marketing might be your dream job. We spoke to Qualtrics’ head of digital, Jacinta Walker, to find out what it’s like to work in digital marketing.

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Jenny Darmody
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