What type of procrastinator are you?
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Quiz: What kind of procrastinator are you at work?

28 Apr 2017

Feeling distracted in work? Why not procrastinate for a few minutes and find out what type of procrastinator you are?

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, there will come plenty of days in your working life when the productive juices just won’t flow.

Whether it’s the Friday before a bank holiday, the Monday after a particularly fun weekend, or any day that ends in ‘day,’ you will be hard-pressed to be your normal diligent self when you feel distracted.

You might feel like a failure when you’ve been procrastinating all day. People often think of a procrastinator as a lazy person or someone who simply doesn’t want to do work.

However, procrastination is not simply a marker of work-shy people. It’s actually a sign of our internal anxieties and self-destructive habits.

By figuring out what kind of procrastinator you are, you could go a long way towards curing your distracted tendencies, addressing your anxieties around work and being more productive.

Are you the type of person to put things off until the last minute? Do you feel so paralysed by the amount of work you have to do that you allow yourself to actually miss your deadline sometimes?

Getting to the root of why you procrastinate could stop you from doing it quite so much or, at the very least, limit the amount you do.

Not all procrastination is bad. You might find yourself channelling your distracted mentality into positive outcomes, for example, taking productive work breaks to stay focused and get even more work done.

OK, so this may just seem like another way to procrastinate, but it’s for the greater good, right? Now that you’re on board, take the quiz below to find out what kind of procrastinator you are.

Once you know your type, you can use the tips at the bottom to cure your procrastination problems and get back to work.

Procrastination quiz

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Jenny Darmody
By Jenny Darmody

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