The return to school: Irish students through the years (infographic)

26 Aug 2015740 Views

Ah, your schooldays, the best days of your life, so we’re always told anyway.

And through the mist of nostalgia it’s fair to say that most of us probably look back on our days in school and enjoy some fond memories of when we used to return to school after the summer.

Those of us in our 20s and 30s will remember the faraway days of dial-up internet and having one clunky computer in the whole school, and when the highlight of any school day was when the television was rolled into the classroom so you could watch a video.

As schoolchildren all over the country prepare to return to school in coming days we reflect on how things have changed.

Nowadays most kids, even many primary school ones, have smartphones, and iPads are commonly used in schools, with some primary schoolchildren even learning how to produce wearable technology.

Of course, whether kids today are better or worse off is something that’s always debated, but it’s certainly true that for schoolkids a lot has changed in a relatively short space of time.

Check out this infographic from BuyBooks, which highlights some of the differences between schoolchildren that return to school now and schoolkids in decades gone by…

The return to school

Return to school

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Brigid O Gorman
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