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Accenture Interactive reveals how to build personality into your workplace

26 Aug 2019

Take a look inside Rothco, Accenture Interactive’s new Dublin office, designed to reflect the company’s creative and punky personality.

Last year, a landmark deal was made when global consultancy giant Accenture acquired one of Ireland’s major creative agencies, Rothco.

Founded in 1995, Dublin-based Rothco has seen rapid growth over the last five years in particular, and now generates 35pc of its turnover overseas, with an impressive portfolio of clients including Heineken, AIB and Aer Lingus, among others.

Employing more than 150 people in such areas as strategy, creativity, technology, design, project management and production, its team has seen some great achievements, including multiple Cannes Lions awards for its creative and contemporary campaigns.

Dublin office

Rothco now sits within Accenture Interactive, the company’s brand and customer-focused division. visited its new offices in the heart of Smithfield, an area that has become increasingly rich in culture and creativity in recent years. The agency’s CEO and managing director of Accenture Interactive in Ireland, Patrick Hickey, took us on a tour of the building and talked us through some of the ideas behind Rothco’s new home.

The space was designed to be functional for the company’s needs and to cultivate creativity, with lots of communal areas for people to collaborate and bounce ideas around. This includes an auditorium stage, where weekly news meetings can be held, as well as events for Rothco’s clients.

Personality, prints and punk

The décor is key, Hickey explained, as it’s where the agency could make staff feel truly comfortable. The fittings are based on the company’s various logos, which have evolved a number of times throughout its 24-year journey.

“Walking into this building, it’s not long when you arrive in before you realise this is a creative space, and therefore the expectation is that you belong in this space creatively,” Hickey said.

Facilitating a meaningful connection between Rothco and its staff was also an important aim here. Space to exhibit personal art was made a priority in the office’s design, with a great example being one of the company directors, Paul Hughes, using his own print to decorate frosted glass.

“It’s punk and it’s very us,” Hickey added.

See just what he means by watching the video tour of Rothco’s offices above.

Updated, 10.04am, 27 August 2019: This article has been updated to credit Paul Hughes for the artwork on display at Rothco and to more accurately reflect the agency’s client list.

Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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