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Are you treading water in your career or swimming to success?

28 Jul 2017

From women in STEM to nuggets of advice that will put you on the path to success, we’ve got it all for you to achieve your career dreams.

As pay gaps and gender imbalances hit the headlines once again, we’ve been taking a closer look at the problems behind the gender divide this week.

We’ve also taken a closer look at the ever-changing world of work, from dress codes to the latest buzzword that might need to be banned.

While RTÉ’s gender pay gap was examined closely by the public this week, our editor John Kennedy took a look at the gender problems at a university level.

Our education system has its flaws, but Accenture’s Dr Michelle Cullen believes the problems stem from something much older. Cullen was speaking at Inspirefest at the beginning of July, listing off countless statistics that show just how imbalanced various industries are.

While almost no industries are exempt, we at Siliconrepublic.com know all too well about the gender imbalances within the sci-tech community in particular. That’s why inspiring the next generation to take up a career in STEM was another major topic at this year’s Inspirefest.

This week, we pulled together a few of the best role models for women in STEM that have graced the small screen and given visibility to women in science.

We also looked into one particular scientific career track for those interested in literally swimming to success. Want to be a marine biologist? Follow our step-by-step guide.

For both women and men, it can often feel like you’re treading water in your own career. That can mean you need to upskill, change job or just take on a new perspective. With this in mind, we plucked five easy pieces of career advice for you to take away from some of Inspirefest’s motivating speakers.

Speaking of Inspirefest, Dropbox’s Adrienne Gormley could put anyone trying to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of their day to shame. Sure, being productive is important, but Gormley told the Inspirefest audience that it’s hindering creativity, which is essential for solving problems.

Finally, if you’ve already taken the brave leap and accepted a new job, congratulations! If you’re feeling nervous about starting in a brand new role with a totally new group of people, we’ve still got you covered.

For jobseekers, it was a pretty quiet week, but there are rumblings of biopharma jobs on the way with the announcement of a new clean room facility being built in the west of Ireland.

For researchers, there was good news in Northern Ireland as Queen’s University Belfast announced that it’s on the hunt to fill 40 new positions thanks to a tranche of EU bioenergy funding. The €9.3m project will focus on heat, biogas and electricity, which can be produced through the anaerobic digestion of agri-food waste.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

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Inspirefest has so much to offer, and career advice is just one of the things you could take from every speaker.

2. Why are Ireland’s universities letting women down?

The Higher Education Authority report showing that women account for only 21pc of professors in Irish universities highlights a big problem, writes John Kennedy.

3. What is dividing the genders at work? It may stem from the Constitution

With a growing body of work looking into gender imbalances, it might be good to find out the origins of lopsided societies. In Ireland, it may all boil down to the Constitution.

4. 7 kick-ass TV role models for aspiring women in STEM

Television has thrown up plenty of fictional role models. Who’s your favourite TV woman in STEM?

5. Inspiring the next generation to be at the forefront of STEM fields

What can be done to ensure diversity in the future of STEM teaching? A panel of researchers and educators discussed this at Inspirefest 2017.

6. I have a new job, but what if I don’t fit in?

Change is good. It’s also terrifying, and starting a new job is no different. Jane McNeill of Hays Recruitment is here to help you overcome the ‘what ifs’ of a new role.

7. Finding Nemo: How to be a marine biologist in 5 easy(ish) steps

Do you dream of exploring the ocean and all the wonders it holds?

8. Which is the easiest programming language to learn?

There are so many programming languages you can learn, but if you’re looking to start off with something easier, which one is best?

9. Everything you need to know about dress codes these days

Dress codes at work have come a long way from how strict they once were, but are they really any different?

10. Roscommon eyes piece of biopharma jobs buzz with new facility planned

With not far off 900 biopharma jobs created in Ireland already in 2017, it makes sense that Roscommon wants in on the act.

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