Tech companies check out potential hires on Facebook

27 Apr 2011

More than one-third (38pc) of technology companies in an international survey check out potential employees’ profiles on social media sites such as Facebook to determine their suitability.

The survey of 660 senior-level executives in technology companies, including 5pc from Ireland, was carried out by Eurocom Worldwide, the global PR network, in association with Irish agency Simpson Financial & Technology PR.

“Job seekers may be happy for their LinkedIn profile to be viewed by a prospective employer but are they comfortable with what’s posted on their Facebook profile?” said Ronnie Simpson of Simpson FT PR.

“They may be comfortable that their own privacy settings are locked down tight but what about the career suitability and accessibility of photos or other personal information posted on friends’ sites?”

He added: “Social media is a great way to network and build career opportunities but it is becoming more difficult to differentiate between your professional and personal persona on the web.”

Companies’ social media strategies

Only just more than a third (36pc) of technology firms have any formal process in place, other than a Google alert, for listening to what is said about their company on the web.

“The first phase of implementing a social media campaign is to listen to and monitor what is being said about your company and its service or product online,” said Mads Christensen, network director, Eurocom Worldwide.

“The majority of firms are either failing to do this or are not doing it in a very rigorous manner.”

Half of firms surveyed have a Facebook page, 46pc have a corporate Twitter account, 43pc are on LinkedIn and just more than a third (36pc) of companies have a YouTube presence. Of the total, 38pc expect to increase their spend on social media over the next 12 months.

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