The mobile employee (infographic)

7 May 2012

Smartphones, ultrabooks and tablet computers have all enabled workers to be more flexible than they have ever been before – no longer do they have to be rooted to their desks in an office to get a job done. A new infographic takes a closer look at these mobile employees, their preferences on devices, platforms and apps.

There will be 397.1m mobile workers by the end of 2012 working from anywhere at any time, the introduction to the infographic published by [x]cube LABS on reports.

And why not work remotely? With faster broadband, the rise and rise of social media and the ability to videoconference via Skype or Google+ Hangouts, many employees figure they would get a lot more work done by working flexibly.

The infographic outlines the types of mobile employees: mobile information workers, mobile task workers, mobile wannabes, and mobile mavericks, all of whom use mobile devices for work in varying degrees.

These mobile devices are being owned by more employees, too, likely helping to drive the consumerisation of IT, where workers are opting to bring and use their own devices on the job. Younger workers tend to prefer Apple and Android devices, whereas older workers opt for devices by RIM, according to the infographic.

And don’t even think about taking those devices away for a week – 59pc of employees got emotional at the notion of working without their smartphones for one week, 40pc would feel disoriented and 34pc would feel distraught.

Mobile employee

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