The value of upskilling, portrayed in a gif-filled infographic

18 Aug 2015

There’s no point standing still in a tech industry awash with shifting goalposts and emerging opportunities, so perhaps upskilling is the way to go.

Many a recruiter has warned of the dangers of stagnation, with the more versatile the jobseeker the better. This is as true for people already in employment as for those looking to get a foot on the ladder.

This gif infographic, which in itself is pretty cool, explains this idea as well as anything, highlighting that, in particular, training is an investment.

For employers, it creates an environment where greater opportunities are within reach, and for individuals it can open up doors to greater remuneration potential.

It can enhance your professional life as well as improve your capacity for learning, with 60pc of workers globally – according to the Brighton School of Business and Management – considering upskilling in some way.

Not long ago James Milligan of Hays explained to us the changing attitudes to longevity of employment. The possibility of employees staying in one role over a long period of time is actually becoming less desirable, particularly in IT, where fixed-term contracts are the norm.

Keeping employees happy over the period of those contracts is relatively simple, said Milligan. A matter of a fair salary, benefits, career progression and personal development.

Upskilling is something that would play a key role in the latter two.

The infographic is a bit of a beast, so you can click on it to view in a new tab if needs be.



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Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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