What the Phlok? Irish social platform for shoppers hopes to create 100 jobs

26 Jun 2013

Phlok, a social platform that helps consumers access good deals in shops and restaurants, says it hopes to create 100 new jobs in Ireland over the next 18 months after receiving investment of US$600,000.

The Dublin-based company intends to recruit 100 new staff in software development, sales, training and account management roles in the coming year.

While Phlok hasn’t identified the investors, it says the investment came from private and individual investors.

The goal is to connect local firms with local people and get users to shop locally. The scale of the investment suggests the plan is to bring the idea global.

So far, Phlok has already gained 300 businesses throughout Ireland, including shops, restaurants, bars, off licences, pharmacies, coffee shops, car dealerships, clothes retailers and even clairvoyants. Phlok businesses have already witnessed in excess of €200,000 worth of sales and more than 10,000,000 social media impressions occur through Phlok’s innovative platform.

“Gaining these investors allows us to execute on our vision to assist local businesses in attracting consumers back to their main streets,” said founder Paul Graham.

The company provides a rewards platform that enables end users to earn virtual currency as they interact with local businesses via their smartphones or online.

The premise is that businesses will worry less about their social media presence as their customers are promoting them when collecting their Phlok points, and as consumers gain more Phlok points, they are exposed to exclusive promotions that local businesses can target them with from time to time.

Phlok provides participating businesses with a control panel that provides them with information on the people who have opted to connect with them. In a big data play, they get visibility on spending habits and can market in a more targeted way.

“We established Phlok to be the key digital incentive platform and become pervasive in the marketplace. Phlok is becoming an additional integral element of the business-to-business and business-to-consumer economy. Our overall aim is to get local customers to transact more often with local business and support an ongoing vibrant community. Phlok makes the term ‘shop local’ make sense,” Graham added.

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John Kennedy
By John Kennedy

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