What do you need to know about working better?
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Want to know how to work better?

25 Aug 2017

Feel like you could be working better? We have the answers.

There are seemingly endless think pieces out there about how to be more productive at work, and how to work harder to achieve goals. But success isn’t always about working harder – sometimes, it’s about working better.

That can start out small: instead of thinking of meetings as a relentless waste of time, start viewing them as a valuable source of information, and make it your mission to learn something from each one.

One way to achieve that can be to start taking notes more effectively. We have a guide that can help you do just that.

An essential aspect of working better may go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: do make the effort to be sure that you’re working in a role that you’re happy with. Often, feeling like the job you’re doing isn’t a great fit can stop you from wanting to do the job at all. This has a knock-on effect that results in you half-assing your role.

If you want to work in tech, but aren’t sure which role to pursue, personalised career platform Paysa recently carried out an extensive survey into the most in-demand jobs in tech. But choose wisely!

From that Paysa study, you’ll note that software engineers are the most sought-after talent in the tech world. To find out if working as a software engineer is right for you, check out our interview with Liberty IT’s director of operations, Felim O’Donnell, in which we discuss the difference between software engineers and software developers.

Working better can also mean simply exploring your options, following opportunities and making choices that further your career.

John Romero, famed game designer, spoke at Inspirefest in July. He told the audience at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre that exploring the possibilities presented by computers is what led him to his glittering career in game design.

We also heard from Deloitte senior manager Lucia Navaza, who saw Dublin as a city of tech opportunities and decided to make the leap.

Another person who made a big move was Senan Quinn, who started his career as an accountant before realising it wasn’t for him. He returned to college and segued into computer science. He’s now happily working (better) as an EC2 Linux cloud support engineer at Amazon.

Finally, never take an internship that won’t benefit you. Find one where you get more out of the role than an advanced course in coffee-making. That way, any skills you pick up will be transferable to jobs beyond barista (unless being a barista is your dream, in which case you’re golden).

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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