30 Ways in 30 Days to promote climate change solutions

6 Oct 2010

As the United Nations (UN) climate convention in Cancun, Mexico, draws closer, the UN is set to release a case study daily for 30 days to prove that global warming solutions are available.

From creating mass markets for solar water heaters to planting trees and protecting forests, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is set to release ’30 Ways in 30 Days’ in the run up to the climate convention to show that climate change solutions are available, accessible and replicable.

“Across the globe, community-based programmes and entrepreneurial endeavour are challenging the status quo through innovation and creativity,” said Achim Steiner, UN under-secretary general and UNEP executive director.

Accelerate and scale up

Such community-based programmes can deliver multiple benefits from access to energy, public health improvements and reduced environmental impacts to driving a transition to low-carbon, greener growth, according to Steiner. “The challenge now is to accelerate and scale up these worldwide transitions.”

The B4E Summit – which is co-hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), The Global Compact, WWF, and Global Initiatives – is the world’s premier international conference for dialogue and business-driven action for the environment.

The first case study from the ‘30 Ways in 30 Days’ scheme is ‘Solar Loans for Solar Homes,’ which will demonstrate the benefits of domestic solar power.