Airsynergy gives Obelisk Group distribution rights for UK and Ireland

5 Jun 2014

Wind energy producers Airsynergy have announced that that the Cavan-based Obelisk Group have been awarded the exclusive licence to their sub-10kW turbines across the UK and Ireland.

This deal will see Obelisk handle the promotion, sales, distribution and maintenance of the wind-powered Airsynergy street light as well as small commercial wind turbines of up to 10kW.

Obelisk employs over 300 employees in Ireland, UK and South Africa, providing solutions and resources to industry across telecommunications, power in transmission and distribution overhead lines, renewable energy and tower infrastructure and has its headquarters in Dublin.

The organisation have a dedicated renewable technologies division that specialises in wind farm operations and is one of the leading suppliers of wind farm operations/maintenance and met mast to the renewable sector.

This recent deal comes shortly after the US company Aris Renewable Energy, headed by Irish-American businessman Gerry Ryan, obtained a license to develop, manufacture and sell wind turbines and wind-powered street lights using Airsynergy’s patented technology in the US and Caribbean.

Speaking of the deal Airsynergy’s CEO Jim Smyth welcomed the partnership: “We are delighted to partner with Obelisk as our Irish and UK licensee. With an extremely strong industry pedigree in the wind industry sector, they are in an ideal position to roll out our Airsynergy technology in Ireland and the UK.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic