BMW reveals prototype electric scooter – the C evolution

31 Jul 2012

The C evolution in action. Photo by BMW

BMW has given a glimpse of its near-production prototype e-scooter, the C evolution, with the auto giant indicating it might soon be bringing such an electric scooter to the marketplace.

As part of its sustainability swerve towards electrically powered scooters, BMW last year presented its first developments in that direction. For instance, the design study of an e-scooter made by BMW Motorrad debuted at the IAA in Frankfurt last year.

So what’s new about the latest design? BMW has described the C evolution as the third development to embrace its “aesthetic” vision of an electrically powered scooter.

The company said there were two particular requirements the e-scooter had to meet: a performance range that would compare with a maxi scooter with a combustion engine and a long range in realistic driving conditions.

Apparently the scooter can reach 120km/h at a top speed. BMW said it has a range of up to 100km on full charge due to large battery capacity (an 8 kilowatt battery pack), that uses an air-cooling mechanism.

BMW prototype e-scooter

The e-scooter in design. Photo by BMW

The scooter can be charged to its full capacity, it seems, in less than three hours. BMW said the battery is charged via an integrated charging device that’s identical to the car standard. It said this means the scooter can be charged at charge stations throughout the US with an integrated charge cable and standardised plug, either via a regular household socket or using a charging station.

The car-type charging socket is located behind a cover in the footwell at front left.

Other features of the prototype e-scooter include “intelligent recuperation” in coasting mode and when braking, short charging times and “synergy effects” with BMW automobiles, according to BMW.

e-scooter in London

On the streets of London. Photo by BMW

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic