Boeing Dreamliner 787 carries out its first commercial flight

26 Oct 2011

The new Boeing Dreamliner, which features new smart technologies. Boeing is up against giants such as EADS, which is aiming to have a hypersonic jet by 2050 running on clean fuels

Is the Boeing Dreamliner destined to be a game changer in the airline industry, helping cut CO2 emissions and giving passengers a greater sensory experience in the air, led by smart tech?

The Boeing Dreamliner took to the skies today for its first-ever commercial flight, three years off its original 2008 target.

The All Nippon Airlines (ANA) flight ferried passengers from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

The year 2008 was originally when Boeing had planned to reveal the Dreamliner to passengers, but the company endured a couple of setbacks that hampered its efforts to get the plane into the skies.

Wednesday’s flight was a special charter, however, as the real commercial flights are due to start in November.

Apparently, the airliner auctioned six business-class seats for its maiden voyage, with one reportedly selling for US$34,000.

The new Dreamliner jet from Boeing is aiming to be a game changer in the airline industry by introducing higher levels of fuel economy and embracing new technologies, such as more electric systems and advanced aerodynamics.

According to Boeing, the Dreamliner is set to bring “unprecedented levels of fuel economy and environmental sensitivity”, as well as lowering costs, to the marketplace through the use of new technologies, including composites, more-electric systems, advanced aerodynamics and the latest advancements in propulsion.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic