Carbon efficient Eurostar fleet going green

21 Oct 2010

Eurostar International Ltd has announced a new greener fleet will come into operation by 2014.

The company, which offers an alternative from air travel between the UK and mainland Europe, announced it has decided to invest more than €712m in a number of new greener trains to generate lower-carbon emissions.

The new greener e3202 model has been given this task and the contract will be handled by Siemens – which is a departure from traditional manufacturers Alstrom.

As reported by The Guardian, the acquisition of the new fleet of green trains, as well as the refurbishment of its entire existing stock, will see Eurostar further expand its fleet of carriers, as well providing a low-carbon alternative to airline travel.

Siemens e3202

The company recently announced its plans for a capital investment of close to €800m in its fleet. The new e320 model, or the Valero, is the fastest high-speed train in the world and was displayed in London’s Hyde Park.

Siemens AG built the Valero models, and Eurostar has announced Siemens also has the contract to handle the new greener e3202 models.

The new e3202 will be able to carry about 900 passengers at a top speed of 320km/h as the company hopes to expand its routes to more destinations across Europe.