China’s economy and welfare wins over climate change

19 Nov 2010

China has insisted it will not agree to any kind of deal that will link rich nations’ aid to its acceptance of stricter greenhouse gas emissions regulation.

China, one of the world’s largest offenders when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, made its statement in advance of the climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, which aims to lock world governments into legally binding agreements regarding climate change.

Hoping for progress

Huang Huikang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s special representative for climate change talks, told the conference that while he hoped for progress, China would not succumb to pressure that might prevent it from making economic growth its priority.

According to Reuters, Huikang said it was a matter of principle and the policy would be to focus on the economy, eliminate poverty and raise people’s welfare.

European, the US and other governments will want to apply pressure to emission-high producing countries like China and India to accept responsibility and impose tighter monitoring.

China has been doubling its efforts to catch up on the global trend of going green profitably with renewable energy through sustainable sources and, as well as Brazil and India, is doubling its efforts in clean tech sectors and patents.