Enverian forges deal with renewable energy group Kedco

5 Jun 2013

Enverian, the Irish start-up that provides cloud-based software solutions for the renewable-energy sector, has signed a partnership that will see it manage Kedco’s portfolio of electricity and heat generation plants across Ireland and the UK.

Kedco, which is headquartered in Co Cork, is a renewable energy portfolio developer. It has been trading on AIM since October 2008.

Enverian, meanwhile, was founded in 2011. It received €1m in seed capital funding from Enterprise Ireland and the AIB Seed Capital Fund, led by Enterprise Equity last year.

The deal will see all of Kedco’s wind and biomass portfolio being tracked, ranked and valued using Enverian’s Developer solution.

Kedco has been trialling the solution since January and will now deploy it for all projects.

Enverian’s chief executive Colin Rogan said that the team will work to develop consistent tracking and financial models for Kedco for each jurisdiction and generation type.

“Both the Enverian and Kedco teams will be working closely over the coming months to identify the best projects and strategies for the maximising of shareholder value,” he said.

Enverian’s solution aims to help energy companies maximise their investment by capturing real-time project progress and demonstrating areas where the company is creating most value.

The company is currently managing more than 21GW of renewable energy projects across the globe via its cloud-based application.

Wind turbine image via Shutterstock

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic