Google signs US$1.5bn deal to power data centres with clean energy

23 Apr 2014

To coincide with the celebration of Earth Day, Google announced that its Iowa data centre, one of the largest in the world, is to be powered entirely by renewable energy.

The deal signed with MidAmerican Energy will supply its centre with 407MW of electricity at a cost of US$1.5bn, which would make it 100pc renewable powered.

More importantly, the agreement will supposedly lead to further advancements of clean energy sources being rolled across all its data centres in the US.

In total currently, the company uses just over 1,000MW of renewable energy in the US and this agreement is charted as its seventh biggest deal to-date.

In a statement about the deal MidAmerican Energy’s president and CEO Bill Fehrman said: “Google’s significant and growing presence within our service area, along with its long and demonstrated commitment to renewable energy, have been important factors in MidAmerican Energy’s pursuit of renewable power. In addition to increasing Google’s access to renewable energy, this agreement also reduces energy costs for our customers.”

Google has been attempting to improve upon its image as a major adapter of clean energy and had recently been given a clean energy index of 48pc in a recent Greenpeace report, in comparison with one of its major rivals, Apple, who topped the leader board with a 100pc rating.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic