Ireland pledges €23m to climate action in developing countries

9 Dec 2010

Ireland will donate around €23m to developing countries that are working to meet the challenges of climate change.

Minister for the Environment John Gormley, TD, pledged the funds which will be set aside by the Government despite the severity of the recently announced Budget 2011, according to

Gormley said “climate change is threatening the lives and safety of many through drought, flooding, lower agricultural productivity and more frequent and severe heat waves and storms.”

Great need for assistance

“Ireland has a proud tradition of giving and assistance. We recognise as a nation that there are others in greater need, and that we have a responsibility in this regard,” said Gormley.

Ireland’s contribution provides developing countries with short-term start finance, but greater funding will be needed down the line.

World Bank president Robert Zoellick recently announced they would be assisting emerging market countries in setting up their own carbon target markets.