Irish BNRG Renewables to build €25m UK solar project

5 Aug 2014

David Maguire, director and founder of BNRG, and Nicolas Holman, director or BNRG, at Bilsham Farm, West Sussex

Irish renewable energies firm BNRG has begun construction of its 15MW solar plant across 85 acres of land in Bilsham Farm in West Sussex, UK, at a cost of €25m.

In terms of benefit for the area, the plant will have the capacity to power more than 4,950 homes for 30 years.

BNRG, which is based in Dublin and backed by IDA Ireland, is constructing the project through a joint venture with the Langmead Group.

Langmead Group is one of the UK’s largest fresh produce suppliers. Its company policy includes working towards sustainability and promoting clean-energy use within the company and on farms across some 2,500 hectares in West Sussex, Scotland and Suffolk and Spain.

To date, BNRG has developed and constructed solar farms with a combined value of more than €170m and has completed 11 utility scale solar projects in the UK since 2011.

The company also recently received planning approval for the first utility scale solar PV plan on the island of Ireland near Downpatrick in Co Down.

BNRG has also confirmed it has lined up a number of similar projects across the UK and Europe for construction in 2015 and the following years after.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic