Irish energy firm invests in solar energy across Europe

8 Nov 2010

An Irish energy firm that has plans to invest €140m across Europe in the next nine months has launched its first project in France this weekend.

The International Energy Investments Group (IEIG) has plans to invest the money in solar projects across Europe, according to the Sunday Business Post, having raised funds from Irish investors for their 3 megawatt solar plant in France. The 3MW plant can generate enough energy to supply around 3,000 homes with energy.

IEIG has said it will begin another project soon and the first project represents a total investment of €15m. The firm will start a second project of a similar size in the coming weeks.

Nearly 14,500 SOLON Blue 230 polycrystalline solar modules have been used in the construction of the facility, which is located on the site of two former French army launch pads for intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles.

Peter McCarthy, CEO of IEIG, said: “The quality of the finished plants and the professionalism employed by SOLON during the development and construction process have contributed to making these excellent long-term investments. We look forward to developing further projects with SOLON over the coming year and to realising further excellent plants in that time.”