Irish firm to build 10 UK plastic conversion plants

8 Nov 2010

An Enterprise Ireland-backed company has signed a major deal with a UK recycling and resource management company to build 10 UK plastic conversion plants.

Portlaoise-based firm Cynar Plc, which has the backing of Enterprise Ireland, signed the agreement with SITA UK to build Britain’s first fully operational plants to convert end of life plastic into diesel fuel.

The agreement will see Cynar build the conversion plants to handle 60,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste per year. It is said the first plant will be commissioned in London by the end of 2011.

How does it work?

Cynar has developed a technology that converts a variety of waste plastics into liquid fuels and each plant is designed to convert about 6,000 tonnes of mixed plastic waste annually – which when combined should produce in excess of 4million litres of diesel fuel.

Michael Murray, CEO Cynar Plc, said: “We are excited by the prospect of seeing our technology becoming both a manufacturing and mainstream reality and a market first thanks to today’s transformative agreement with SITA UK.

“We believe Cynar has found an entrepreneurial partner in SITA UK who can help us ensure that the years of our research will be realised in the near future with vehicles running on plastic-derived diesel, and ensuring that there is a practical commercial benefit derived from dealing with Britain’s growing mixed waste plastic mountain.”