IWEA events to promote Ireland’s wind-energy focus

15 Jun 2010

Wind-energy supporters are gathering globally to raise awareness of wind energy and its potential, including IWEC in Ireland, to celebrate Global Wind Day.

As part of Global Wind Energy Day, the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) will be holding events across the country over the coming days to showcase Ireland’s wind-energy portfolio and future prospects.

According to Klaus Rave, chairman of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC): “Global Wind Day is a fantastic opportunity to remind people all around the world that we can achieve a genuine energy revolution. The technology is there to fundamentally transform the way we produce electricity, while saving billions of tons of CO2 and creating much-needed jobs in the future.”

On Friday 11 June, the IWEA will be holding ElecTEC 10 – A workshop for Power System Technology, which will take place in the Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham, Dublin. Energy Minister Eamon Ryan TD will open ElecTEC 10.

Offering insight into the technologies that will enable the achievement of progressive energy policies and targets, ElecTEC 10 will feature speaker presentations from companies such as 3M, EirGrid, Gaelectric, ESB International and entities operating in the wind-energy area such as the Energy Research Centre and the Charles Parsons Initiative.

Speakers will include:

– Alan Gooding of Smarter Grid Solutions who will speak about the relevance of the smart grid to the wind industry

– Keith McGrane of Gaelectric who will speak about: ‘CAES Technology and Deepwater Offshore Wind’

– Enda Feeley of EirGrid who will speak about: ‘Technology Solutions to Upgrading Transmission Equipment Capacity’

– Christian Payerl of ABB who will talk about: ‘Grid Connection of Wind Farms’

– Dr Jan Thomas Krapp of 3M who will cover the topic: ‘Taking on the Renewable Energy Challenge’

– Niamh Troy of the Energy Research Centre who will cover: ‘Power System Technology – A System Research Perspective’

– Paddy Finn of the Charles Parsons Initiative will cover: ‘Increased Penetration of Wind Generated Electricity using Real Time Pricing and DSM’

– Liam Breathnach of ESB International, whose presentation will be on ‘Harmonic Design Considerations for Wind Farms to ensure Grid Code Compliance’

– David O’Flynn of Ecocem who will cover: ‘Stronger, More Durable and Sustainable Concrete Foundations’

– Eoin O’Brien of ESB International (ESBI Energy Innovation) who will cover: ‘Challenges Relating to Wind Turbine Foundation Construction’.

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Other IWEA events

Tuesday 15 June – Geevagh Wind Farm, Co Sligo

Activities: Video display of turbine operation and slide show of process of construction

Saturday 19 June – Slieve Divina Wind Farm, Co Tyrone

Sunday 27 June – Lisheen Mines Wind Farm, Co Tipperary

Activities: Presentations on wind technology; presentations on the construction of a wind farm.

For more information on Global Wind Day, see www.globalwindday.org.

By Carmel Doyle

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic