No chance of Renault killing Zoe

13 Nov 2010

One of the most popular names in France, Zoe, and an electric car from Renault were the subject of a courtroom ruling recently that found the e-car posed no threat to girls named Zoe.

Renault has been granted the court’s permission to use the name for its unreleased electric car – The Zoe – after one lawyer brought a case against the French car maker, Reuters has reported.

The case was built on the behalf of “Zoes” and two persons named “Zoe Renault” in particular, and the lawyer said he had already heard reports of girls being teased because of the car. The court deemed, however, that the e-car would pose no imminent threat to Zoes in regard to privacy or dignity.

The Renault Zoe electric car is a zero-emissions vehicle that includes a 70 kW electric motor. It is due to go on sale in 2012.