Potential onboard fires spark Roadster recall

6 Oct 2010

More than 400 electric cars have been recalled in the US after a single incident sparked fears that a design fault could ignite fires near the bonnet.

The Silicon Valley-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has recalled 439 of its Roadsters after a low-voltage auxiliary wire rubbed up against a carbon fibre panel that caused it to smoke. There was the potential for a “possible fire” behind the right front headlight, according to the company.

The issue that initiated the recall, which has only affected a single vehicle so far, lies with the 2.0 and 2.5 models and involves the 12v low-voltage auxiliary cable from a redundant back-up system that provides power to various systems.

Voluntary recall

“Once aware of this single incident, Tesla quickly determined that a voluntary recall was an appropriate precautionary measure. The recall affects 439 Roadsters,” a company statement said.

“The correction involves checking the routing of the 12V low-voltage auxiliary cable and installing a protective sleeve over it. Tesla’s Service team has started notifying customers via email and has initiated a mailing campaign. Tesla Service Rangers can perform the service at customers’ homes or offices. The service takes approximately one hour.”