Predictions for wind energy agenda in UK with new coalition Government

7 Jul 2010

Wind power dominated leadership discussion in the energy area in June, Alva research shows.

While debate was rife in the UK in June about the National Grid paying wind farm owners for leaving their turbines idle during heavy winds, raising questions about the technology’s suitability to meet the country’s energy requirements, leadership discussion also veered positively towards future predictions for the growth of wind power in the UK, that’s according to analysis from Alva in its latest In Sight Energy & Utilities analysis.
According to the analysis, positive predictions for the future growth of wind power dominated the leadership debate regarding energy in June. Second on the agenda was Belarus switching off the flow of Russian gas to Europe, while new coalition Government policy and thinking for nuclear power took third place.

Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, CEO of Alva

Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, CEO of Alva

“Renewable and nuclear energy gained considerable coverage as the new coalition government ruled out government subsidies for the new nuclear build,” says Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, CEO of Alva.

“Gas supply issues due to disputes between Russia and Belarus had such an impact because they accentuate the UK’s dependence on imported energy supplies and its inherent risk to the country.

“Looking forward, the UK’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions is likely to come under further scrutiny as the economy picks up and emissions start to rise. This will pose a significant challenge to the Government and renewable energy firms, but also demonstrates a real opportunity for innovation and growth in this sector,” added Lopez-Valenzuela.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic