Putin puts worms and moles ahead of renewable energy

6 Dec 2010

Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has questioned the merits of renewable energy practices, claiming the processes that generate power can have negative effects on animals and the environment.

Putin cast his doubts over wind power in general and expressed his scepticism of Russia moving away from oil and gas, according to a Reuters report.

He described windmills as a “widespread” seemingly environmentally friendly energy but one whose turbines kill birds and whose vibrations force earthworms and moles out of the ground, calling this a “real environmental problem”.

Harmless alternative

Putin suggested that solar power was the only entirely harmless alternative energy source.

Russia, rich in oil and gas reserves, is said to be keen to continue utilising its natural reserves and produced roughly 9.8 million barrels per day and exported around 7million barrels per day during 2007.