San Francisco gears up for electric taxi programme

5 Nov 2010

A leading US electric vehicle (EV) supplier has come up with a novel way to eradicate carbon emissions in busy cities – electric taxis.

Working with the support of the US Department of Transportation, Better Place – global providers of EVs – recently announced it will introduce a switchable battery, electric taxi scheme to the Bay Area of San Francisco.

This falls in line with Mayor Gavin Newsom’s plans to make San Francisco known as the most sustainable city in the nation – as his green initiatives range from the rolling out of upgraded electric vehicle charging systems to the plastic bag disclosure project – an annual survey of companies on their use of plastic aimed at reduction and savings.

The overall aim of the introduction of the electric taxi fleet is to reduce carbon emissions that are clocked up by driving through the city on a daily bases.

A similar scheme is in place in Tokyo, Japan.