Siemens to unleash new offshore wind-turbine blade prototypes

4 Sep 2012

The new Quantum rotor blade pioneered by Siemens for use in offshore wind turbines. Image credit: Siemens

Engineering giant Siemens is preparing to unveil a new 75-metre long rotor blade for use in its future offshore wind turbines. Siemens is claiming that the rotor will have a swept area of 18,600 metres – almost the equivalent of two and a half football pitches.

This latest engineering move from Siemens come as wind-turbine manufacturers vie to come up with bigger and more efficient blades to produce greater electricity by sweeping over a larger surface area, while also being more cost-effective.

The new 75-metre long blade has an energy capture area of 18,600 metres, according to Siemens, which said it will also be more energy efficient as the blade will be between 25 to 50pc lighter than traditional blades.

Siemens said that the blade will also be able to withstand substantially higher loads.

“The new Quantum blades are an integral part of Siemens’ strategy to drive the efficiency of its wind turbines,” said Kevin Moloney, head of renewable energy at Siemens Ireland.

Siemens roto blade prototype

View of the new Siemens rotor blade in production. Image credit: Siemens

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic