Suniva creates 19pc efficiency solar cells in US

8 Feb 2011

Suniva, a US manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells and modules, is achieving more than 19pc conversion efficiencies.

VC funded Suniva, was the first PV manufacturer to effectively leverage ion implantation. Suniva announced today that its next-generation ARTisun Select series solar cells are in production. Suniva attains these efficiencies by employing a consistent, single-sided emitter along with other proprietary innovations on the front side of the cell.

Suniva claims its 19pc efficiency is a record for screen-printed cells in full-scale production. Suniva believes that by implementing this technology it can compete with high-efficiency PV manufacturers, such as Sunpower.

Dr Ajeet Rohatgi, Suniva founder and CTO, commented, “Combined with Suniva’s innovative R&D and proprietary processes, ion implantation provides us with a very cost-effective way to manufacture solar cells of 19pc efficiency without adding complex processes for a selective emitter. We do have the capability to use a selective emitter, but we have not yet chosen to do so.”

The implementation of ion implantation in Suniva’s manufacturing process is based on years of development in partnership with Varian Semiconductor.    

Suniva states that, “The ARTisun Select product line is a logical progression on Suniva’s technology road map towards its next-generation products that are in its labs.” This technology road map is constructed around numerous NREL-certified proprietary cell structures attaining 20pc efficiency. 

Bruce McPherson, vice-president of research and development for Suniva, discussed their development of the ion implanter.

“Combined with Suniva’s deep research and our own proprietary design, recipes and processes, we have unlocked the value of the ion implanter as an enabling technology for solar cell processing.”