Big bang artistry lets you see the observable universe in just one image

9 Jan 2016

See the observable universe in just one image

An artist has created a single image of the observable universe using maps from Princeton University and satellite and telescope images from NASA.

Artist and musician Pablo Carlos Budassi has created a logarithmic conception of the observable universe with our solar system in the centre circled with inner and outer planets, the Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud, Alpha Centauri, Perseus Arm, Milky Way galaxy, Andromedia galaxy, nearby galaxies, the Cosmic Web, Cosmic microwave radiation and Big Bang’s invisible plasma on the edge.

On first glance the whole thing looks like a gigantic burnt pizza.

But look more closely and the vast beauty of the universe as we know it there to see. You can access a zoomable version of Budassi’s stellar artistry on Wikimedia Commons.


Budassi painstakingly pieced together features of the universe as observed from our solar system in the form of a logarithmic map produced by astronomers at Princeton using scores of satellite images and photos snapped by NASA rovers.

Budassi is understood to have gotten the idea after making hexaflagons for his son’s birthday

Since the release of the image, he has also created another zoomable logarithmic image of space using a closer image of the solar system with the outer galaxies toward the edge.


Eye on the universe image at top via Shutterstock

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