Vattenfall to construct large-scale offshore German wind farm

1 Nov 2010

Vattenfall, who famously constructed the world’s largest wind farm off the coast of Kent, UK, has entered into another project.

The Swedish energy giant has announced it is now to build a German offshore wind farm that will produce enough renewable energy to cater for 500,000 households with a capacity of 288 megawatts (MW).

The DanTysk project in the North Sea is among the biggest ones in offshore wind power and the total investment in the project is estimated at €1bn.

Construction will begin in 2012 and the North Sea wind farm will be situated roughly 70km to the west of the German island of Sylt.

The DanTysk wind farm will consist of 80 wind turbines erected in an area of approximately 70km square in water that is up to 30 metres deep.

Vattenfall previously announced the construction of the largest offshore wind farm in the world off the coast of the UK and its 100 turbines, each measuring at 300 feet, generate enough electricity to power more than 200,000 homes.