World’s first e-car journey planning tool launched in Belfast

20 Nov 2014

Terry Waugh of Action Renewables and Dr John Harrison of South West College. Image via BATTERIE

A unique electric car journey-planning tool called e•go Journey Planner is being piloted in Ireland, taking into account emission delays, charge points, charge times and alternate modes of transport.

Two of Northern Ireland’s authorities on renewable energy, South West College and Action Renewables, launched the tool at the BATTERIE project closing conference held at Titanic Belfast.

The public can access the e•go Journey Planner online, and it has also been optimised for mobile use. Users can enter start point and destination information and then receive suggested routes that consider electric-vehicle charging facilities, as well as information on the cost of the journey, CO2 emissions and savings.

“We are thrilled to be launching the world’s first dedicated online intermodal journey-planning tool and would like to encourage all electric-vehicle drivers to avail of the service,” said Dr John Harrison of South West College. 

“Northern Ireland has one of the highest concentrations of electric-vehicle charge points in the world – 174 in total, including 160 fast chargers and 14 rapid chargers – making it the ideal location to pilot this initiative.”

Terry Waugh of Action Renewables said a vibrant, alternatively fuelled transport sector not only helps the environment but can contribute massively to economic growth and transport efficiency.

BATTERIE, a European regional development-funded project, was established to improve the co-operation and links between various transport services across Europe, and to promote the application of smart technologies and usage of alternative fuels.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic