3G network player beats ComReg target

14 Feb 2007

Ireland’s newest mobile operator 3 said today that it has delivered on its licence obligations set down by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) one year ahead of schedule.

The Hutchison Whampoa-owned company said that it has succeeded in covering 85pc of the Irish population for 3G data services and 99.5pc of the country in terms of voice and text services.

In recent months the company unveiled its 3G high-speed download packet access (HSDPA) service that enables consumers to enjoy up to 3.6Mbps of broadband on mobile handsets or through notebook computer data cards.

3 Ireland managing director Robert Finnegan said the company has gotten off to a strong start in 2007.

“Beating the regulatory requirement by such a margin just shows 3’s commitment to rolling out 3G in the Irish market,” Finnegan said. “Some of the old networks have paid lip service to new technologies, keeping customers on 2G to protect their old revenue streams.”

Since early 2004, in partnership with BT, Nokia, NEC and Siemens Mobile, 3 has rolled out and integrated over 600 radio sites, undertaking what the company claims is one of the fastest network rollouts in telecommunications history.

“Not only are we offering the best network for mobile entertainment and information services, we’re also offering consumers and businesses an opportunity to ‘technology leapfrog’ over fixed line with our high-speed mobile broadband,” explained David Hennessy, 3’s head of network rollout.

“The slow rollout of fixed-line broadband has opened up an immense opportunity for 3. Whether you’re using a data card in your laptop on the Luas or using a Motorola V3xx handset, 3 offers Ireland’s fastest mobile broadband speeds.”

By John Kennedy