80pc of firms ready to embrace videoconferencing

13 Dec 2011

As the first flurries of snow remind us of last year’s weather nightmares, new research among Irish and UK SMEs reveals attitudes to videoconferencing as a way of conducting meetings are coming of age.

Some 80pc of respondents believe that using a broadband-based videoconferencing system would allow them to effectively meet as if they were in a face-to-face meeting without the need to travel, according to a recent survey commissioned by Steljes and AVer Information Europe B.V.

The survey included organisations that do not currently use videoconferencing, and found the main three reasons for using video conferencing were reducing travel, saving time and reducing costs.

Where videoconferencing has been adopted, the report found that almost 50pc of those surveyed stated there are circumstances where they would like to record their videoconference sessions

Around 80pc of those organisations that do not have videoconferencing would use video.

“The survey shows that there is strong demand for affordable and easy-to-use videoconferencing solutions from end users who are keen to embrace the benefits that it offers,” said Adrian Kite, Ireland and UK sales manager at Aver Information Europe.

“The survey highlights that one of the key barriers to greater adoption is the perception of incompatibility between different videoconferencing systems,” Kite added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years