AirSpeed Telecom reaches for stars in €32k cosmic broadband deal

6 Aug 2010

Wireless communications carrier AirSpeed Telecom has been awarded a €32,000 contract to provide the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies with a 500MB licensed wireless link from their Merrion Square office to Dunsink Observatory.

The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies is a publicly-funded independent centre for research and comprises of: the School of Celtic Studies, the School of Theoretical Physics and the School of Cosmic Physics. Part of the School of Cosmic Physics activities are located in Dunsink Observatory.

Large amounts of scientific data pass between the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and Dunsink Observatory and this requires a secure and reliable connection.

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Interference from other links

Previously, a 4MB connection was installed but over time the service had deteriorated significantly due to too much interference from other links in the area. The institute needed a reliable licensed service and purchased a 500Mb licensed wireless connection from AirSpeed Telecom which they now independently manage.

“The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies really needed a fast link to replace a redundant and unreliable link. AirSpeed Telecom was able to deliver just that and provide a very good level of quality at this location,” Stephane Dudzinski, IT manager, School of Cosmic Physics in the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, explained.

The new 500MB link from AirSpeed Telecom will future proof the service and enable the seamless transfer of data between the two locations. Dunsink Observatory can now avail of much more bandwidth on demand to cater for the requirements of various projects and also have the added security of real time backups on their specialist machine clusters.

Multimedia applications at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Furthermore, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies will now be able to utilise a wide variety of multimedia applications, like video conferencing, and will be able to realise its goal of establishing Dunsink as a video conference centre incorporating a 500Mbps wireless link from AirSpeed Telecom.

“AirSpeed Telecom is delighted to work with the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies on this project,” Brendan Martin, sales director with AirSpeed Telecom, said.

“The licensed wireless connection we put in for them is ideal to meet their requirement for a secure, reliable and high bandwidth link between their sites to support their short, as well as long term, communications plan.”