AirSpeed Telecom to beam live feed of Global Irish Economic Forum

18 Sep 2009

Wireless broadband provider Airspeed Telecom is to supply a 155Mbps link into Farmleigh to facilitate the Global Irish Economic Forum taking place this weekend.

The Global Irish Economic Forum, which is being organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs, is described as an opportunity to engage with the global Irish community to explore how the Irish, at home and abroad, can work together to contribute to Ireland’s overall efforts at economic recovery.

About 200 high-profile delegates will be attending the event and a host of individual workshops and sessions will take place over the course of the weekend.

Tel: 1890 799 899
+353 1 4287500

Observe Outside Broadcast has been contracted to provide all required broadcast and video diary facilities for the event and AirSpeed Telecom is working with Observe Outside Broadcast to provide some of the underlying telecommunications necessary to fulfil requirements for the event.

As AirSpeed Telecom has a flexible IP network which can bring bandwidth to virtually anywhere, they will be providing a 155Mbps link into Farmleigh for the duration of the conference.

AirSpeed Telecom will use this link to take a live video feed from the cameras at Farmleigh and will output multiple content streams in different formats for web application, for example Mpeg4, Real Player, Windows Media Player and Flash.

The department is also planning to make video diaries and online video blogs available for various websites. Live streaming will be available from the following link: