AirSpeed Telecom widens WiMax footprint with Magnet

16 Jul 2010

Wireless telecoms provider AirSpeed Telecom has acquired licensed spectrum from Magnet Networks, which will enable it to expand its WiMax footprint.

This extension of AirSpeed’s WiMax service is aimed at SME customers and will further expand coverage in the main urban areas of Dublin while bringing its WiMax service to Cork, Limerick and Galway for the first time.

The new service will roll out over the next four months and is targeting businesses “looking to move away from congested broadband services” to an alternative it says is both scalable and high bandwidth.

AirSpeed Telecom’s WiMax service includes voice, internet and data, and will support applications demanding high upload speeds, such as video conferencing.

Tel: 1890 799 899
+353 1 4287500

“We are delighted to add to AirSpeed Telecom’s already considerable national footprint for uncontended high bandwidth connections for business customers.  This service should suit customers looking to upgrade from a congested and asymmetrical DSL service as it’s a logical next step for increased bandwidth requirements,” said Liam O’Kelly, managing director, AirSpeed Telecom.

This partnership is a very good fit as both AirSpeed Telecom and Magnet Networks are focused on delivering unshared, high-bandwidth services, whether wirelessly, fibre or through fixed-line DSL,” added Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet Networks.

“The upgrade will offer enhanced benefits to our wireless customers and to those out of reach of our uncontended DSL and fibre networks.”