Alcatel-Lucent strategy takes complexity out of tablets and smartphones

7 Feb 2012

Communications technology giant Alcatel-Lucent has revealed a new strategy and portfolio aimed at helping telecoms operators to differentiate themselves in the burgeoning smartphone and tablet business.

The Paris-headquartered company today launched its Motive Customer Experience Solutions (CSX) portfolio that consists of four solution sets aimed at removing the complexity customers experience in setting up and using various mobile consumer devices.

Alcatel-Lucent’s senior director of marketing Ben Geller told that telecoms operators are increasingly going to be focusing on ways to differentiate themselves in a marketplace where devices, connectivity and service are increasingly commoditised. “The key is to simplify and improve the experience.”

He pointed out that as many as 15pc of smartphones, for example, are returned because consumers struggle to make them work.

In two-thirds of cases there is no issue, so the key is making devices and services simpler to use and configure, Geller explained.

“So far telecoms providers’ strategies are based on market acquisition or growing their customer base.

“Everyone has a network that performs well. Most telcos are beginning to provide TV services and even cable TV companies are selling smartphone services.

“All of these providers are facing a battle for differentiation. On top of that, market growth is flattening, so the battle is keeping customers and making sure they are happy.

“The key is to continue to be innovative, leverage the multitude of screens and realise you’re not the only game in town. So a winning factor is sorting out the things customers experience to make those experiences better by removing the complexity.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years