Alcatel-Lucent to deliver next-gen broadband to 120m in China

5 Jul 2011

Alcatel-Lucent has struck a deal with China Telecom to deliver a converged IP platform that combines voice, video and other data services across six provinces in China, affecting 120m consumers and video users.

The new IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) technology will be rolled out across China Telecom subscribers in Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Xinjiang and Sichuan provinces.

The contract is the first commercial deployment of IMS technology for China Telecom, and builds on a successful trial in Shanghai and Shandong provinces.

This project will play a significant role in helping China Telecom evolve its network from its PSTN legacy system to an all-IP infrastructure that operates on the principles of the internet.

“This project with Alcatel-Lucent, our first large-scale commercial deployment of IMS, is a critical step in our transformation to a much more flexible, cost-effective all-IP network,” said XU Sui, deputy general manager of Network Development Dept in China Telecom.

“The world of communications is moving to more video, more streamed content from the web, more personalised services – we are building a network for this new world.”

The IMS solution will enable China Telecom to unify communications across fixed, mobile and the web, as well as ensuring it remains secure. These capabilities include voice, videoconferencing, multimedia ringback tones, IP Centrex, SIP Push system, CDMA Anchoring, and terminal management.

In addition, China Telecom and Alcatel-Lucent will work together to develop advanced services, including unified network address book, presence, multimedia instant messaging (including SMS, text and video) and image sharing.

“The successful China Telecom trial and commercial deployment of our IMS solution in one of the world’s largest markets demonstrates that we can support the most demanding, fastest-growing operators,” said Rajeev Singh-Molares, president of Alcatel-Lucent’s activities in Asia-Pacific.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years