All Iarnród Éireann Intercity trains now come with free Wi-Fi

9 Jul 2012

Iarnród Éireann has successfully rolled out free Wi-Fi connectivity across all of its Intercity trains, making it one of the most connected fleets in Europe.

Last year, Ireland’s national rail network introduced free Wi-Fi on its Dublin–Cork fleet. This has now been expanded to include the entire 234 carriages of the Intercity fleet thanks to FleetConnect, an Irish company, and its technology partner, Sweden-based Icomera AB.

FleetConnect and Icomera have been working with Iarnród Éireann to equip trains with a broadband solution that uses its patented SureWAN technology, which seamlessly switches between and aggregates multiple mobile data networks to ensure always-on broadband connectivity.

“One of the great benefits of rail travel is that you can use your travelling time productively, for work or leisure, and giving our customers free Wi-Fi will only add to this,” said an Iarnród Éireann spokesperson. “Customers on the Intercity rail-car fleet, which are now equipped with free Wi-Fi, also have plug sockets at every seat, so they can charge their devices as they travel for maximum convenience.”

To connect to the service, passengers simply need to find the ‘IRISHRAIL-WIFI’ wireless network. Those experiencing any problems with the network are advised to contact the Wi-Fi support team on (01) 880 9600 or via email.

Next stop: Wi-Fi for DART, commuter and Enterprise services

Services covered by free Wi-Fi include Dublin–Cork, Dublin–Sligo, Dublin–Westport, Dublin–Galway, Dublin–Limerick, Dublin/Cork–Kerry, Dublin–Waterford and Dublin–Rosslare.

With the support of the National Transport Authority, Iarnród Éireann also intends to introduce free Wi-Fi on its DART and commuter fleets later this summer, and the company is also working with Translink in order to equip the Belfast Enterprise train by the close of the year.

Train image via Shutterstock

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