All-Ireland digital address code system goes live

12 Jul 2010

A new all-Ireland digital address code that provides precise address information has gone live and will be invaluable to businesses that need to deliver products and services across the island.

The new system was launched in Dublin today by actor and adventurer Charley Boorman, son of director John Boorman.

The innovative business initiative, which has the support of Enterprise Ireland, and references map data from Ordnance Survey Ireland and Land & Property Services Northern Ireland, has been developed by Cork-based company Loc8 Code Ltd. in collaboration with Garmin Europe.

Money savings from Loc8 Code

Loc8 Code will employ up to 20 people, to ensure an effective and efficient roll out of the system. The system can also deliver considerable savings in transport costs because of the precision of the address when used in conjunction with a satellite navigation device.

“The Loc8 Codes will improve destination and address searches across the whole island of Ireland and enable consumers to generate their own codes, thereby pinpointing the specific location of their individual private residences and commercial properties to within six metres,” said Gary Delaney, CEO of Loc8 Code Ltd.

“Consumers will then communicate their Loc8 Code to businesses such as multi-drop vehicles, web retailers and emergency services who, through the use of Garmin sat navs, will find their location more rapidly.

“The system, which is a smarter form of postcode, will therefore enhance and expedite the reaching of destinations, with monetary savings and several benefits in terms of lifestyles, time management and, ultimately, our carbon footprint.  A Loc8 Code is an add-on to traditional addresses and those addresses which are language independent.

“It is a more precise way to pinpoint any delivery point or address. Businesses and individuals can engage with the system on a voluntary basis and early indications are that we will have massive participation right across the island,” Delaney said.

The service is free to end users when they log on to Loc8 Code’s website, ie, consumers taking delivery of goods or availing of services.

Delaney went on to say that research carried out in the UK by Newcastle University, entitled ‘The Wayfinder Report’, indicated that up to 14pc in fuel savings can be gleaned through the use of such a precise system.

Delaney added that, because Ireland’s population is mostly rurally based, the savings could reach 20pc in this country. 

“Reducing the stress of navigation or travel is key to Garmin’s ethos and the last few kilometres of a journey are often the most stressful,” Clive Taylor, Garmin’s director of product and marketing added.

“With Loc8 code now available on our sat navs, our customers now have a more precise solution when travelling around Ireland. This, coupled with immediate savings in terms of journey times, fuel and money, represents a significant step forward in satellite navigation in Ireland which our customers can benefit from.”

Availability of Loc8 Codes

It is anticipated that Loc8 Codes will be widely available throughout Ireland by Quarter 3, 2010.

Loc8 Codes have exposed the potential to uniquely identify the exact location of events, landmarks and other points of interest, revolutionising the way people describe and navigate to destinations across the whole of Ireland.

This development has the potential to facilitate concert goers and festival lovers as they navigate their way to the country’s top attractions.

The system, which, according to the recent Irish Government’s Oireachtas Report, could be suitable for adoption as the national postcode, is very simple to use, and works through the input of address information of any location into the Loc8 Code website, and the site then generates a unique navigation code and assigns it to the individual location.

It will be suitable to anyone who relies upon navigating to or finding the location of an individual location; whether a private consumer or delivery business. Not only can the code be used in a sat nav or GPS-enabled mobile device, but also it can be used in conjunction with a web address to map a location easily – will show the Loc8 Code on a map.

What Loc8 Codes can do

The potential applications for Loc8 Codes are numerous – from issuing specific directions for navigation with a sat nav to providing the most detailed address of a private residence or business. In the first instance, consumers will be able to address any confusion when spelling an address or keying it into a sat nav. A shortened version of the code can be used for social-networking purposes

“It makes absolute sense to streamline the means by which people can locate and reach their desired destination,” said Charley Boorman. “Driving and travelling should be fun and safe, but reaching a destination on time and in good form is very important.

“Loc8 Codes will take the hassle out of finding your way – so at last we can locate and navigate easily and accurately with a Loc8 Code!”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years